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The all-in-one tool for creators to build websites, get donations, sell products, courses, bookings, memberships and manage tasks – start with your mobile.

Simplify your life and save your time.


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Connect your audiences to all of your content with just one link

Create a one page website in few click directly on your mobile phone. Add a bio, videos, show what you do and share links to your websites, donations, products, courses and more.

Use it anywhere, Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Help your audience discover your universe. 🥳

Build a professional website as easily as writing on word

Add good-looking pages to your links. Create whatever you want . It’s so easy, no need a server and several weeks to build your website. 😎

Find what you like in the hundreds of pre-built sites, edit it, add it to your links and show the world your creations.

  • Simple drag and drop web page editor
  • Quickly create  landing page & sales funnels that convert
  • Create popups, forms & quiz

Get new fans by launching marketing campaigns easily

Kleap gives you the tools you need to grow your audience and engage your customer automatically so you can focus on growing your ideas 💡.

Never lose touch, create personalized follow-ups and automated your campaign. Automation is like getting an employee without needing to hire someone 😎. 

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use automation — our drag-and-drop automation builder lets you set up workflows in minutes. And once an automation is set up, it continues to run with no input from you.

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Make a living from your activities

With Kleap Commerce you can set up one-time purchases for products like an ebook, get donations, sell private events in Zoom, Event tickets, courses, booking like a gym coach, or recurring subscriptions for premium monthly content.

There’s no limit to the number of products you can sell! 🙈

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Help yourself with Kleap:


Show what you do

As a creators, you’re full of exciting ideas. In just minutes you can show those ideas to your followers by creating a website on your mobile with your links, donations, forms, products, quiz or whatever you want.


Connect with your audience

Building a relationship with your audience is the foundation for earning income from your activites. Writing great looking emails, write blog posts and running webinars full of valuable contents helps you build loyality.


Generate income

Now that you have an awesome audience, you can take advantage of it. For example, create a space with private content only for subscribers, sell digital products like an ebook, take reservations for coaching, sell teaching or online classes.


Optimize your income

With Kleap your entire system is in one place allowing you to automate recurring tasks and focus on your creations. For example abandoned cart reminders, successful course congratulations emails with coupon code for the next course, or whatever you want. With Kleap, you can turn an income into your profession.

If there’s one stat every creators should
pay attention to, it’s this…

Out of the 320+ million creators, only 4% will generate enough income to live on it this year.

Yup — while it’s trendy to become an entrepreneur and easier than ever to launch a business, it’s harder than ever to grow it.

Specifically, most creators have two challenges:

1. Show what they do and earn from it
2. Make a living from their creation

That’s why we built Kleap — to give creators like you a tool to help you show the world what you do.

We provide a free version with all necessary tool to help you start as soon as possible what you want to do. IT is no longer a barrier for you.

Be a creators is so hard, and you shouldn’t have to battle with ten different tools to earn and live on it. With Kleap, everything is geared in one unique place. You’ve already got 1,000 things to do — Setting up 10 tools together and going through IT people don't need to be added to the list.

I’d love for you to give Kleap a try (you can do it free!) and if you're moving from another tool we will be happy to help you with the migration.

Eliott Dupuy
CEO - Founder

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  • Simple drag and drop web page editor
  • Quickly create web pages that convert
  • Everything is organized in a single dashboard