The Best Tool to Create a QR Code (2022)

Make the right choice,
The future of your business depends on it.
Thanks to a QR Code, you will generate more revenues.
But which QR Code generator should you choose? Which one guarantees the most results? 🔥🚀

Are QR Code made for you? 🤨

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these points, you will have no more excuse to create a QR Code for your business:

  • You have a website

  • You work in digital

  • You have a small business, or a big company

  • You think it’s time to scale your business

  • You don’t have yet a QR Code

  • You have already a QR Code but it needs some customization

The list is not exhaustive…

Gain access to consumers via their mobile devices by adding QR Codes on anything you want and they use! 📱

Why Create a QR Code yourself?

Recruiting a designer seems to be so simple.
But is it easier than creating your own QR Code with a QR Code generator?
Discover the answer by yourself!

You are better served by yourself.

Even in terms of QR Code, this statment is true. It is better to take care of your QR Code design than to make several calls with a graphic designer or someone else who does it.

You build your own image. 

Every company is unique. One way to stand out is through your branding. If you already have some, it’s better. Just adapt the colors and add a logo on your QR Code. If not, it’s not too late to start creating them.

It’s simple, fast and cheapest (or even free) solution. 

Among all the QR Code Generator you know, Kleap QR Code generator is likely the easiest one. It also costs you nothing, it’s free! All you have to do is to master the use of the tool.

Gain access to consumers via their mobile devices by adding QR Codes on anything you want and they use! 📱

Kleap QR Code Generator, The best tool to create a QR Code ?

Find out another special features which make Kleap the best QR Code generator to create a QR Code :


Kleap QR Code generator’s interface is very intuitive, both on mobile and on desktop. So, in just a few minutes, you can have your own QR Code, a unique QR Code, in the image of your company

It's free.

All QR Code generators offer the color customization color. Unfortunately, many of them propse a fee for more customization. With Kleap, everything is free!

More customization+++.

As you can see, so many customizations are waiting for you at Kleap QR Code Generator:
  • Change of colors

  • Adding logos

  • Adding call to action

  • etc.

Everything you need to make your QR Code fit your marketing!