Become a Kleaper

Work can, and should, be amazing

We believe that building a website should be as simple and creative as piecing together blocks of LEGO.

Our platform empowers individuals from all backgrounds, offering tools that make web design intuitive and enjoyable.

What's it like to be a Kleap Team Member?

Innovate Daily

We're not just another web creation tool. At Kleap, we challenge the norms of digital design. Our unique block system, AI-driven customization, and real-time collaborative features set us apart in a bustling market, allowing us to solve old problems in new ways.

Empowerment through Support

Our core value is empowerment—helping our users, clients, and team members achieve their fullest potential. We provide the tools, resources, and support necessary to make sure everyone can succeed and grow with us.

Autonomy and Ownership

Being part of a distributed team means having the trust to manage your workload and make significant contributions without constant oversight. Our culture promotes ownership of your projects and results, believing that great ideas can come from anywhere.

Flexibility and Freedom

Work from anywhere in the world on your schedule. We value the balance between professional achievements and personal well-being, ensuring you have the flexibility to work how and when you choose.

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