Kleap's Story

Building and maintaining an efficient website for solo entrepreneurs and SMBs costs from $2,300 to $27,000 per year, including setup and management.

This means websites are too complex and in 2024, there is no reason it should stay this way

Today we want to solve the website because we had the issue. We build websites for customers. We got pain with our websites and marketing. We have built solutions around wordpress for about 15 years. We're the generation that raises with Wordpress and old website solutions. It's time for a new solution.

Our Mission:

At Kleap, we believe that everyone deserves to showcase their talent, business, or passion online without technical or financial barriers.

Our mission is to provide a platform where creating and managing websites is within everyone’s reach, without compromising on power or flexibility.

Our Values:


We advocate an approach where ease of use is paramount.


We are committed to making web creation affordable for everyone.


We provide the tools for everyone to create a website that reflects their vision.


Every feature of Kleap is designed to offer an optimal user experience.

Our Team:

We continue to dream big at Kleap. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of digital innovation, constantly developing new features and enhancing user experience.

We envision a world where every creative idea has its place online, and we are here to make that possible.



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