8 Reasons Why You should use QR Codes in Your Business

Everywhere you go, you can find a QR code (whether in a restaurant, in real estate agencies, in construction companies…). QR Codes are so popular! Till now, you are not convinced anymore. Your business seems to work very well. Does it really worth it to use QR Codes? To enlighten you, let’s see 8 reasons why use QR Codes in your business brings advantages.

1. Scale your business the cheapest way.

No need to spend money on QR Codes. All you have to do is to use a QR Code Generator like Kleap.

Just copy and paste the URL in the appropriate field in Kleap (in case the QR Code will lead to a webpage). You’ll obtain a unique code, that you can save, print, and share.

With this free QR Code, you can then directly connect with your customers. To share it, put it everywhere your customers can see it:

  • Printed materials

  • Business cards

  • YouTube Video

  • Blog post

  • Etc.

On the customer side, they need their smartphone to scan. They immediately get access to all the information you wanted to share on your website.

2. Take advantage of the current business trend.

Previously, QR Codes are mostly used in Japan as a very successful marketing tool. Then, they gained popularity in other countries and all around the world.

Since Covid19, QR Codes are growing faster than ever! Not to mention the mass adoption of smartphones with native QR scanners. Also, the QR Codes are easy to use.

Obviously, today is the right time to use QR codes in your business (if it’s not yet done). Why not take advantage of this popularity to use it for your marketing and advertising purpose?

3. Save the environment and target another type of customers.

Why use QR Codes can save the environment?

You probably know what’s the meaning of QR Codes, but as a reminder, their role is to store information digitally. Lots of information is transformed into a square. It seems amazing, but it’s the truth. Nor bags, nor pockets. Just a tiny square.

Printed materials are then reduced (books, brochures…), and at the same time, the cardboard waste. Maybe you can take advantage of it to target new customers: those who care about the environmental impact of their purchases.

4. Generate more engagement.

Kleap QR Code Generator allows you to create a personalized QR Code. Many entrepreneurs used this functionality to fits their QR Codes with their company’s brand.

In fact, customized QR Codes are more attractive. That creates more interaction. Your clients and potential customers will likely scan the QR Code (maybe for curiosity, or because they’re really interested in your product).

Once they’re led to the page where you wanted them to be (or they get the concerned information), there’s more chance that they will do what you ask them to do (whether about buying your products, asking quotes, contacting you, etc.)

Let’s take McDonald’s example. They included QR Codes in the design of their Happy Meals, to promote one of the Avengers films. Their customers had access to the behind-the-scenes movie footage. This strategy worked very well. The simple design of the QR Code attracts consumers.

5. Why use QR Codes drive more traffic and visibility easily.

The main reason for creating a website is to drive traffic on it, isn’t it? However, with a new website, it could be a little bit complicated. You have a choice between: 

  • Using organic SEO techniques, that can take more time.

  • Using paymant method with ads, but it is more expensive.

That’s where QR Codes come in. They’re the easiest way to lead traffic on your website (or app). As mentioned before, all you have to do is to put an attractive QR Code everywhere you can do this, mostly where your potential customers often walk around.

6. Use the best way to increase your sales.

QR Codes can increase your sales. It’s one of the most reasons why use qr codes is so important. In fact, they allow you to connect your 2 sales channels (physical and digital stores). If you have not already had a digital channel, but you want to extend your business by creating one, then, connect it to the physical one.

For instance, Ikea mix their digital and physical sales with QR Codes. Their customers scan the products they want to buy while perusing the store. There’s a touchless and efficient to check out when they’re finished shopping. This facility is really appreciated by the customers.

7. Be easily reachable with QR Codes Map.

Almost all the digital businesses (and even some physical ones) are visible on Google My Business. Thanks for this app, the businesses themselves are more visible on the internet. That also allows customers to find a way to go to the office space / physical store. One thing is yet missing in some businesses: a QR Code Map.

It makes it easy for your customers to reach you (and it’s also available for email, call… by email, phone… QR Code). This is how the QR Code map functions: when you scan it, it opens your business listing on GPS or mapping software. The user can then choose to ask to generate the directions.

8. Modernize financial transaction

Due to the pandemic, now everybody prioritizes mobile and contactless payments. Cash and plastic cards are then progressively lesser used. By using QR Codes, we use digital wallets. No need for consumers to handle their cards or let anyone else do this. In addition to the security, paying for something with the QR Code way is also quick.

In store that use QR Codes for payment, every cashier has a unique QR Code. It guarantees that the buyers send their money to the right POS. All they have to do is to use their smartphone to scan the code. The payment process begins then.

QR Codes can be used in so many manners. We have seen 8 different ways earlier, but the possibilities are even more! It’s so obvious that you find QR Codes everywhere you go, in all kinds of business. Each type of them is very practical. In any use, QR Codes really facilitate your business management. That’s the main reason why use QR Codes is worth it.