The Zero-Effort way to
build a website

Kleap is a mobile-first web builder with automatic desktop rendering.
Launch a website & get visibility in few minutes with zero effort.
Free, no-design & no-code required.

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Focus On What Matters

No more complicated editors. Spend time on your business and less time understanding how your site works.

90% less technique & 90% less design time needed.
Build your website and add your content on your mobile. The editor will automatically render a desktop version well optimized.

Google indexes mobile version first and research shows that 60% of global internet traffic comes from mobile.
It increases every year.

What can you launch with Kleap?

If you have an idea Kleap it !

What can you build with Kleap ?

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Personnal website
Kleap Léonilde torrini
Kleap Léonilde torrini
Launch your idea
Kleap Léonilde torrini
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Launch in record time with a stunning design

Start with a pre-build website, change the texts add your videos, show what you do with images, add custom html, add a contact form & more 🥳

Customize it as you want, change the font, the color of buttons, text, or everything. 

Add your custom domain and your page will be yours. Your color, your brand, your name, your data & your URL.

Free 😍

Build up a free site per account and use all of Kleap's core features – for free!

Made to convert 💰

Simple to read, Kleap websites are made to encourage your visitors to take action.

contact Forms (PRO) 🤝🏻

Add a contact form and let your user send you message and order.

Multiple pages (PRO) 📝

Add multiple pages to your website. Add a menu or link to your button.

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Made for mobile📱

Google loves mobile websites.
Google will love your website.


Kleap only tracks bugs and issues
On your websites, it's your traffic your data.

Custom domain (PRO) 🌍

Use any custom domains you own. Full SSL support (via Let's Encrypt).

embebed & html (PRO) 🤓

Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.

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Kleap is made for
busy entrepreneurs

Take full control of your websites with our web builder for mobile. Create as many websites as you have ideas and projects.

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Problems solved by Kleap

Of course you can use it on a computer, but Kleap is made for the mobile. Add your content as you want on mobile and the desktop version will be optimized automatically to give the best possible design.

With Kleap you no longer need an agency, designer or developer, you are in control of your web. Change content immediately, test new things and improve in real time.

Thanks to the advanced version of Kleap you can launch up to 25 websites in one account. This allows you to launch multiple projects, sites and tests. On the other hand without Kleap you would have to take a dedicated server to host all these sites.

No more updates to your website. No more virus and hacking problems. All these concerns are taken care of by Kleap and assure you total peace of mind.

The costs of servers, hosting, SSL, CDN, image optimization or others are included in Kleap. Our team is constantly improving technology in order to Save thousands and invest them in your product
Our professional web design team is at your disposal to guide you and advise you on the best way to create your website. Do not hesitate to ask for support thanks to the chatbot present in the editor.
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Make a living from your activities

With Kleap Commerce you can set up one-time purchases for products like an ebook, receive donations, sell private events in Zoom, Event tickets, courses, booking like a gym coach, or recurring subscriptions for premium monthly content.

There’s no limit to the number of products you can sell! 🙈

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How It Works


Add content on your Kleap​

As a creator, you’re full of exciting ideas. In just minutes you can show those ideas to the world by creating a website on your mobile. Create your account and select a premade template.

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Customize it as you want

Now that you have an awesome project, you can grow it. Add more content, customize your website, change everything.

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Kleap automatically optimized the desktop version for you

The desktop version of a website is always the part that takes the most time and which is the most complicated. Kleap does it for you. 

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Publish and your website is ready

Start attracting people to your website. Get some leads, contact, grow your audience et improve your product or service.

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If there’s one stat every motived people should pay attention to, it’s this…

Out of the 320+ million creators, only 4% will generate enough income to live on it this year.

Yup — while it’s trendy to become an entrepreneur and easier than ever to launch a business, it’s harder than ever to grow it.

Specifically, most creators have two challenges:

1. Show what they do & test new idea
2. Promote their offer and make sales

That’s why we built Kleap — to give people like you the tool to help you show the world what you do and test all ideas you have. You can create a new site as quickly as you have new ideas.

We provide a free version with all the necessary tools to help you start as soon as possible what you want to do. IT is no longer a barrier for you.

You have an idea of business right now, create a Kleap and send the link to everyone.
Be a creator is so hard, and you shouldn’t have to battle with ten different tools to earn and live on it. With Kleap, everything is geared in one unique place. You’ve already got 1,000 things to do — Setting up 10 tools together and going through IT people don't need to be added to the list.

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Eliott Dupuy
CEO - Founder


Yes. We created Kleap for that. So that you focus on your work and your ideas rather than understanding how to make your site.

Absolutely. Kleap is user-friendly and makes it possible to build a professional mobile-first website without knowing how to code. In the Kleap Editor, you can add any feature you want, drag and drop blocks and customize it to match the look and feel of your site.

As you know your Kleap website is mobile first and it’s already good for tablet. Your Kleap website automatically comes with a desktop-optimized version that looks great on bigger screens.

You can create a free website with Kleap that comes with a Kleap domain. To instantly look more professional online, get a custom domain name. It adds credibility to your brand and helps visitors find you online.
The Kleap website builder is intuitive to use. We create it to make the web easy for everyone. No need for a computer or advanced skills.
When you create a free website with Kleap, you get reliable, scalable and free web hosting. All your web content will be stored on secure servers located around the world. So no matter where your visitors come from, your site will load fast.

Absolutely! You can create any kind of website with Kleap. With our focus on mobile-first you’ll have a great conversion from user on mobile. 

Kleap makes it simple to get your website found on Google. Kleap is made with advanced technology that makes your site fast and popular with search engines. As Google index the mobile version of any wesbite first, Kleap will give you an advantage in the Google ranking.

Absolutely! You can create any kind of website with Wix. Explore beautiful HTML landing page templates to get started today. 

Save Big with Kleap

Stop paying thousands of dollars per year for other solutions

switch to Kleap and save up.
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$29 for 1 website, or
$299 for 25 websites


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Wix: $250/year for 1 website

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Siteground hosting: $150/year for basic

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Infomaniak hosting: $130/year for basic

Squarespace Logo Home-main - Kleap

Squarespace: $280/year for 1 website

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WordPress: $96/year for 1 website