We are a TEAM

  • We work in remote
  • We come from all over the world
  • We work whenever we want, where we want. As long as we do our job well.
  • We have the opportunity to meet all sorts of people, all around the world.
  • We work with amazing people.
9814 1 Job - Kleap
5267 Job - Kleap

Our Company is so special.

  • He work on a promising project, Kleap.
  • He is constantly growing.
  • He thinks big.

It’s time to expand the Team.
Do you want to join us and contribute to the success of Kleap ?

Our Promise...


You won’t be an employee. You’ll be a member of Kleapers whether you are developer, marketer, writer, etc.


As our client, you’ll be so important too. Each member of the team is important.


You’ll feel at ease in our company. Our guiding principles → fulfillment and productivity at work.

A lengthy cover letter never mind, but experiences and motivations are more important.

Much more, your personality matters a lot.