Thank you ! You're amazing

It is thanks to early adopters like you that we have the chance to build Kleap. We promise you that this software will become your best investment, a tool like no other, a tool that will change your life. And we put all our heart into it!

Step 1: Create your account

You are not obliged to create your account now. We store your address with which you paid and the day you create your account automatically, your plan will be with your lifetime plan.

You will be notified by email about the new features and updates of Kleap. If you have questions about your license, please change your email address to use your lifetime license or any other question do not hesitate to contact our support team. 🐱‍🏍

Step 2: Join the Facebook Community

Join our facebook group to learn and share with the community of Kleap. It’s a great way to chat about the best way to do something on kleap, to follow product updates but also to share with other companies and meet new people.

Step 3: Share the deal with your friends

This lifetime offer is very limited. And will be finished in a few weeks, so let your friends benefit. If you know someone who wants to redo their website, create one or boost their marketing, share kleap with them!