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Musics, videos, media, text and more… That’s what you can share with our free linktree alternative.

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Why Kleap is the best linktree alternatives 2021? ⭐

Kleap is the zero-effort way to put content online.

You can organise your content how you want with the simpler drag&drop editor in the world.

You just have an idea that’s worth sharing with the world 🌍

Kleap is an alternative to Linktree, an easy to use link for your bio that will skyrocket your conversion on mobile.

Best Lintree Alternative's Features

Micro website

Import all of your favorite content from your social media apps and your other online accounts so you can keep it all within one convenient location.

Multiple pages

Manage more than one project at a time, (or important groups of information that are relevant to just your specific website/bio).

Social share

Develop meaningful online relationships with other social media users who share your interests.

Embed content

Share your favorite videos, songs, podcasts, music and more on your page directly from all of your favorite platforms.Share your favorite videos, songs, podcasts, music and more on your page directly from all of your favorite platforms.

How Kleap works?

  • Choose a template or create your page from scratch

  • Add blocs and customize other blocks

  • Share it to all the world!

Kleap 🆚 Linktree

Make sure your bio is stunning with an exclusive design and powerful features.

Kleap or Linktree?

☝️ Linktree, the most used link sharing service, is a great tool for website owners that want to build their own blog or website. It offers a great solution for adding links to your social media accounts. However, Linktree is not a real website. It’s just a page where you can upload your links, and the only way for people to interact with it is by using the social media buttons.

Linktree is a free social media link but it’s not a real website and not a real page. It’s a page that is linked to social media sites and does not exist anywhere else on the internet.

🤩 Kleap is the answer. 🤩 

It’s the zero-effort way to put content online quickly and easily, with no design or coding required. We’d love for you to try Kleap today!

From sales copy to product descriptions, blogs to landing pages, a website is a powerful tool in your social media marketing arsenal. In fact, having a well-designed website can increase both engagement and conversion rates. But when you’re in a pinch, building a website from scratch can take a lot of time and energy.

If you want to be found online, it’s important that you have a link in your social media profiles that takes your followers back to your website. Links are the easiest way to do this, but it can be difficult to find an appropriate one to include.

Choose the best free linktree alternative - Kleap

✅ Kleap offers more features, it’s easier to use, and has more options for your social media bio.

✅ It is a real website so you can use it to build your own blog or website, with your own domain name.

✅ It’s no-code. You don’t need any design skills or experience. You can still build your own site and use your own design on your site. The editor is available on mobile.

✅ You can design, promote and interact with all of your webpages on Kleap.

Who is Kleap for?

🚀For Entrepreneurs

Several entrepreneurs struggle with creating an online page. However, their online pages represent them. Kleap was create to help entrepreneurs build more than one page.

🚀Also for Social Media Marketers

I’ve been a Social Media marketer for a couple of years now, and I’ve seen a lot of different companies come and go. In the beginning, I had a ton of questions about how to get started and how to do things right.

I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on software or programs, so I had to find a way to get everything done on a budget. I have a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs, so I wanted to find a way to help Social Media marketers just like me. That’s when I started working on Kleap, the best alternative to Linktree.

Kleap change the game ♟️

❌ Highly learning curve of online marketing 

❌ Expensive marketing tools

❌ Too much marketing work

❌ Hiring a pro to create a website

TILL NOW, use the best Linktree alternative: Kleap

💡 It’s so easy to use, it doesn’t even look like a website builder.

💡 You can build an entire website in under an hour.

💡 No coding required.

💡 No design skills required.

💡 And it’s not just quick, it’s also powerful.

💡 You can customize everything. Choose your color scheme, your fonts, your layout. Upload your own logo or use one of ours.

💡 Plus, you can build multiple pages, all from your mobile.

Kleap is the future of website creation. And you’re about to see how easy it is to build one.