How to add a link in my website?

How to create a button using Kleap

Select link in the + block and fill the informations before push create

A new link as appeared at the end of your page

By selecting this button you can access its settings.
On the mobile phone, you have the setting options on the bottom of the screen. It's called config.
On the desktop verison, you'll find those settings in the drawer on the right side of your screen

This pannel allows you to change the design, font, size, colors, border of the button/link

You can set your preference as default style. This option will change all the links of your website to the same style automatically.

By grabbing the handles on the right side of the selected block, you can drag and drop it anywhere on your page

By dragging and dropping the for exemple_ illustrated button block_ to the top you can see how to reorder your website on the same principle with other blocks


On Kleap, when you double click anywhere in your page, it will create a text block: The bubble text windows will appear

Push the + in the bubble windows to add a new block in position

Doing the same procedure, it will create you the same botton block but instead of having it created at the bottom of the page, it will be created right where you wanted it

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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