How to integrate QR Code into your Digital Marketing Campaigns

It’s been a few months now since you begin to use QR Codes to scale your business. Are you struggling to make your QR code marketing campaigns work?

If you are, then you are not alone. Many businesses hassle with figuring out what they need to do to make their QR code marketing strategy work.

This blog will look at 10 ways you can use QR codes in your digital marketing campaigns.

1. QR Code marketing strategy with videos.

Videos attract people more than texts. In fact, the customers retain more than 90% of the core message while text-only invokes 10% of memory. However, the videos are large.

It will be a little bit complicated to send these files to your customers.

Hence the advantage of using QR Codes videos.

For instance, some entrepreneurs use them to show the stellar features of their products.

Others need QR Codes videos to display an advertisement in order to garner a shopper’s attention.

It also works very well for other media like podcasts.

2. vCard QR Codes to instantly sharing/dialing.

In business, vCard QR Codes share contact details with consumers. Do you likely ask the difference between a QR Code and a regular vCard one?

Well vCard QR Codes allow you to evolve your contact details without the need of updating the existing code. In other words, it means that the code is automatically adapted. No need to print them again.

Also, as an entrepreneur, you will interact with a crowd. Maybe the same for some of your customers. You likely understand the advantage of using a QR Code to facilitate communication. Your customers just scan the code to receive your contact number. Some QR Codes even allow you to directly dial the number.

3. SMS and email QR Code marketing strategy.

SMS marketing can also be managed with QR Codes. They are used this way: when your customers scan the code, they’ll instantly receive a predefined message. This strategy is mostly used in sales, user support, on-request product upgrades, etc. 

Email QR Codes work the same way as SMS Codes. Once the users scan it, they receive a predefined email too. The main advantage of the Email QR Code is the fact that reading can be done directly on the user’s phone (or on any other device they use for scanning).

It’s a really saving time! On your side, depending on the tool you use for your campaign, you’ll have access to all data and email performance rates.

4. QR Code to promote your brand app.

You can also send a QR Code to your customers, which leads them to a downloading app. Ensure the QR Code is designed as your brand so that potential customers are attracted to it and scan it. That’s how Instagram and Angry Birds (and other many brands) did. 

If you have e-commerce, apps can really scale your business. They facilitate the tracking of your customer’s history so that you can improve your products to fit their needs.

5. Getting the user’s reviews from QR Codes.

Shoppers based their decision on reviews. Before purchasing something or subscribing to a service, they religiously read online reviews. So provided you use it the right way, reviews can be leveraged for your business!

The point is that some customers don’t want to waste their time going to your page and expressing their opinions. They just don’t have the time. QR codes can be the solution. They just have to scan it, and they’re automatically directed to the page where they have to write their opinions

If needed, why not offer an accompanying discount for anyone who exprime a positive review? Your QR Code marketing strategy will have more good results.

6. Use QR Codes as a way of generating leads.

Inform your customers they’ll gain a discount if they use your QR Code. How? By adding a clear call to action in the design of the code. It’s an original way to generate leads.

You can choose the word you want to put as CTA, but there are just some examples:

  • Scan to get a free trial

  • Scan to get your guide

  • Etc.

The idea is to give users a good reason to scan the code so you can obtain their contact details in return.

7. Redirection to specific pages.

Landing page or website.

Help your customers arrive at a specific page on your website, by providing them with the correct QR Code.

For instance, the QR Code guides them to a landing page, signing page… So they don’t waste time searching or navigating around your site.

Look at this example from the XTM Park in Switzerland, a parkour attraction. They use their QR code to redirect interested people from physical events to a landing page with a booking system.

External to the website as your social media.

Almost all successful businesses have a presence on social media. If you have not yet an account or page on social media, it’s time to create one. It’s the first step.

Then, share it as much as possible. To save your time and those of your target audience, you can use QR Code. Once your potential customers arrive on your page, some of them will probably follow you to be advised of new updates.

As opposed to typing a link, scanning a QR Code is easier. Codes improve the user experience, and it’s essential for your business.

8. Facilitate the visit to your office space.

With a QR Code, you can connect your channels: digital and physical stores. For those who need to visit your office space, but struggle with searching the location, guide them with a Map QR Code. Not only does the code show them exactly where are you located, but it also shows the itinerary. It’s even better than manually searching for the address on online maps.

9. Handle public events well.

Take advantage of the events you organize to use the QR Code marketing strategy. In fact, managing an event is not easy. It becomes more simple with the Event QR Codes marketing strategy.

For instance, they’re a good way to control the crowd while massive events, deliver notifications throughout events, check tickets…

10. More sales, fewer complications in e-commerce.

In e-commerce, QR Codes are very useful. For instance, some entrepreneurs use them to handle and make easy access to their discounts and promos. Ensure you use the appropriate Call to Action, to make clear what you really offer. In fact, the users shouldn’t have to guess what to do with the QR Code.

Be careful! Whatever the type of QR Code you use in your campaign, ensure it works well. Always check before publishing it. Otherwise, using QR Coes will be for nothing. You’d be wasting your time! A good QR Code, used in the right way benefits a lot of industries. Not only does it save time and energy, but it’s a good way to measure your marketing campaign.