Online menu and QR codes
for restaurant

Digitize your menu with QR codes in a few minutes and from your mobile. Get more reviews, promote your future events and build a loyal audience that you will easily contact.

No signup required 🔥🚀

Why create an online menu for your restaurant?​

  • Less download for customers. They don’t need to download application or a PDF.

  • Less work for you. You don’t need to create an application and upload PDF in the website.

Create a real experience and make them remember you

🚀 Marketing website

Kleap offers the flexibility the website you need to attract your target customers.

With integrations to tools like Typeform, Waitlist, Outgrow, and Memberstack, Kleap can fit seamlessly into the rest of your website stack.

Examples include…

✅ Affiliates & product reviews
✅ websites for agencies
✅ Portfolio for architects or designers
✅ Therapists and doctors
✅ Consulting & services websites

😎 Personal website

Build your own personal website in few minutes. That’s the best way to improve your presence and reach your audience.

💰 Mobile landing page

73% of website visitors are mobile. With its layout designed for mobile experience above all, kleap will increase your conversions on mobile and from your social networks.

📱 QR code links

Use QR codes to create experiences for your customers and connect to your digital things. Ex. links on product packaging, or in-store materials.

🥳 Sell your products (soon)

You deserve to be paid for your work.

Sell digital products, physical products, or charge a recurring amount. With Kleap you can sell whatever you want.

🍴 QR for restaurant

Use QR codes to launch your online menu with photo or videos. Add covid information, explain the story behind your place, add videos, future events, offer discounts, or even exclusive content.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Social media links

Link to all your content from your social bio. Turn your followers and fans into engaged customers, boost your traffic to all your content and drive more organic sales.

✨ Product onboarding

Provide a destination for your new customers. Create a memorable experience with for product. Greet them with a welcome video and user guides.

The customers love it

Customers are accustomed to using it because smartphones have now built-in Code readers with cameras :

  • They point a phone camera on the QR code

  • They’re waiting for few seconds

  • A notification appear and they click on it

  • The customers are directed to a new page

The same to the restaurant owner

The QR code extends the value of the printed piece. It allows the customers to access your web page in a few seconds. It also gives you several ways to serve customers through their phones.

You just have to :

  • define where you want to lead the customers in your webpage

  • then, generate a QR Code from this webpage

  • place this code into a piece to be printed

All your links in one page

With Kleap, you can lead your customers to all of important links in your website, for example: the story of your establishment, information on covids, allergies and the composition of the dishes.

Where can you place the QR Codes?


Make multiple pages and link the pages together.


Add a contact form and let your user send you message and order.


Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.


Use any custom domains you own. Full SSL support (via Let's Encrypt).


Build up a free page per account and use all of Kleap's core features – for free!


Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.


Kleap only tracks bugs and issues
On your websites, it's your traffic your data.

Landing pages and online menus: opportunities to digital​

Create a visbility online:
  • You’ll have your own domain

  • Your website take advantages of SEO-ready

  • You’ll have Google My Business

  • Your landing pages can be use as instagram bio link

  • QR Code for restaurant

  • Menu for restaurant

Manage online menu yourself​

You can see which link is clicked the most and then, what strategies (or meal) work best. You’ll see that your efforts have worked!

Manage your online menu and landing pages easily​

You save time by managing your online menu for restaurant and landing page. At the same time, you’ll:

  • increase your in-store and online sales

  • give a good guest experience to customers

  • save money

What you benefit from Kleap

  • Encourage safe and contactless dining. Perfect for on-premise dining and to-go orders too!

  • encourage the customers to call and place direct orders. Don’t forget the button order now in your menu.

  • allow the customers to pay directly from the online menu.

Insert QR Code in your Menus​

By creating the landing page of your restaurant with Kleap.co, you’ll have a QR Code tool that allows you to create freely QR Codes for your restaurant.

  • QR Code to all of the important links in your website

  • Printable QR Code

  • Updating

  • Manage of the QR codes