Free QR Code SMS Generator

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What is an SMS QR Code Generator?

SMS stands for ‘short message service’ and is used as a form of communication between mobile devices connected using the Internet. With our SMS QR Code generator, you are able to create a QR Code that sends an SMS message to a target phone number complete with a pre-filled custom message.

What Is SMS Marketing?

Once you have a mailing list, use it! Be sure to have your customers sign up for updates about new products or special offers. And don’t forget, adding an QR code so that they can contact you quickly and efficiently (cue: The Sims ) can help increase the chances of them staying engaged with your brand.

Whenever you buy a product, there’s always the chance that the manufacturer might be selling fakes, so the producers of the actual goods may want to use SMS QR codes to see when and where said merchandise was actually bought. For example, a smartphone may have been stolen but if it keeps receiving updates from the server, then its original owner should know about it immediately as soon as someone other than him or her attempts to make a data connection. That would be helpful because it means neither one of them is going to suffer any loss — instead both will have their peace of mind protected for free.

After you create a free QR Code, it’s yours to keep and use for a variety of purposes.

The QR Code automatically detects which app the user has saved to their phone for reading QR Codes and opens the associated application to send the text message. This can be done even when the user doesn’t have a data connection, as long as the smartphone is able to scan QR Codes.

Why you should create a QR code for your SMS?

To create an SMS QR Code, please select the SMS tab in the generator. Then enter your target phone number that will be used to receive the text message that you wish to send. Now add a pre-populated message so that it is easier for your customer or audience. If you want to customize the look of your QR code, make sure you choose a design that matches your brand’s colors. You can also add a call-to-action frame and logo to increase brand recognition. Finally, download the QR Code and place it wherever you want!

How to use QR codes in SMS?

Use Cases of QR Code for SMS

Event management companies can use QR codes for SMS to get RSVPs from guests at events by creating simple, re-filled texts like ‘Confirm + guest(s)’ on the invitation cards that the recipient can quickly scan.

Many people wish to donate money or goods to charities but don’t know how to. Sometimes they have a service that accepts credit cards, sometimes they have a specific bank account linked to their organization – but what if the recipient doesn’t use any of those services? That’s why you should always bestow upon your donors QR codes on any type of pamphlet, flyer, banner or social media account. If someone chooses to make a donation – it will be deducted directly from their mobile phone credit or get billed in their monthly invoice!

Food joints and restaurants can add QR codes to the invoices, table tents, and menu cards to give customers the power to communicate their feedback and suggestions. Takeaway menus for home delivery can also be made with a QR code to make ordering via a text message easier.

Individuals can use QR Codes for SMS to make a poll that poses three different destinations of people coming to attend the party and then when everyone votes, it automatically notifies all of them of the location which received the majority number of votes. For example, you’re having a surprise birthday party for your friend and decide on Paris, Rome and Madrid as possible locations for your celebration. By printing out cards with each place’s name along with a QR Code, you will channel the energy of your friends by getting their opinion and at the end telling them that they have to choose between two most popular destinations!

Put QR Codes to Work in Your SMS Marketing Strategy

If someone sees your QR code, they can scan it with their phone to automatically open their SMS app ready to be filled in. For example, you can:

Grow your SMS list

Create a QR code that sends a keyword to your number.

Provide customer support

Add a QR code to your business card, brochure, or flier that says, “Scan this to get in touch with our team.” The code can open a pre-written text that says, “I need some help with your product.”

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Where can you place the QR Codes?


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Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.

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