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What is a password strength checker ?

A password strength checker is a software that calculates how secure your password is.

Use the form to test your password. The system will indicate to you how great or bad it is.

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Users often choose weak passwords. It is inconvenient to remember a strong password, so they tend to choose something they can easily remember.

In fact, over 90% of users use passwords less than eight characters long. This is a bad practice because, with an eight-character password, an attacker can try all possible combinations in less than one hour.

An excellent way to prevent this is by using a password strength checker.

Why you need a strong password

If you’re using a weak password, you are putting your online accounts at risk.

You might think that when you use a password that is easy to remember, you are keeping your data safe. But this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

Using a password that is easy to remember will make you more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If a hacker gets hold of your password, they will be able to access your sensitive information.

A strong password is the best way to prevent this from happening. But how do you know if your password is strong enough? You can use our password strength checker to find out. Our tool will tell you how a password fares in terms of strength. It will also allow you to know if the password is vulnerable to brute-force attacks.

The way marketers connect with their customers has changed, and these days, the best way to reach out is through mobile devices. Luckily, there are new and exciting ways to do this while creating brand awareness and increasing sales. 

Adding QR Codes to your products and advertising materials is a great way to add value to your advertising campaigns and also reach a wider audience.

What is online virus ?

1. Which type of content?

You can store different information in QR Code: Links, text, location, email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, WI-FI, Vcard, Events, PayPal, and BitCoin.

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3 Password strength checker - Kleap

2. Add some details

If you chose links, then enter the links. If you choose text, enter the text in the corresponding field. And so on…

Once it’s done, wait for a few seconds and a QR Code will be automatically generated.

3. Save and download
the QR Code

At this step, you can already download the QR Code by clicking on the save button. If you want a QR Code that fit your brand, you can continue the editing (colors, frame, design, logo…). You can also attract more scans this way.

3 Password strength checker - Kleap

Gain access to consumers via their mobile devices by adding QR Codes on anything you want and they use! 📱

How to create strong password ?

In just 3 steps, create an instant access to whatever content you want.

1. Design great QR codes directly through the Kleap QR code generator

You probably already have a brand. It is so important to fit your QR Code’s design with your brand (as every material associated with your company).

That’s why it’s so essential to create your QR Code with Kleap. Qr code generator allows you to generate a personalized QR code that suits well with your brand (color, logo…).

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Kleap qr code Password strength checker - Kleap

Add a logo to your static QR Codes

Having QR codes is essential in today’s marketing. Having QR codes with logos is even more so! In fact, they’re considered the offline lead to your online business (e-commerce, social media, event, website, Vcard…). 

With Logo, the QR Codes generate 30% more scans than any classic black and white.

3. Add a call to action on the QR code

As simple as it is, the best way to boost your scans is to add a call to action in the QR Codes. It can be: scan me, scan and win, view more…

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4. Change the size of QR Code

To avoid errors while scanning your QR Code, take a look at the size of the QR Code. Moreover, you should check this feature automatically. Even at a distance, your customers should always easily see the QR Code. Ensure to resize it at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm).

How to check your password strength ?

QR Codes may not be the newest marketing gimmick, but they remain incredibly useful and versatile. QR codes can be used in a wide variety of situations and industries.

Although QR codes were originally designed to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty Tthey are still a valuable marketing tool. Here is a list of some of the benefits of QR Codes:

✅ Content sharing QR codes

Sharing contents trough QR codes with ease via all sorts of channels (social media, email, ad even print on business cards)

✅ Customer engagement QR codes

Connecting with your customers through QR codes on a new and exciting level is a perfect way to get them excited about your business.

✅ Simple feedback QR codes

QR Codes are very versatile, easy to use, and give you the chance to easily gather feedback from your customers.​

✅ Lifetime code QR codes

(Nothing but) QR codes last forever! If you create Kleap, your QR codes will never expire and can be used for a lifetime for your brand.

Create an account to create
dynamic QR codes landing page

Capture the information of your visitor with QR codes landing page; signup, email, or SMS and automate the campaign from an easy all-in-one solution

Share your information, value, offer and build a microsite you dream of.

Where can you place the QR Codes?

Flyers 🤝🏻

Add bold and bright QR codes to your flyers! Print the code on stickers and stick them on your flyers. Link your flyers to your store and give your customers a direct line to your inventory management. What's your next marketing tactic? Why not QR codes?


If you're looking for an easy way to get eyes on your business, you'll want to consider placing free Table Tents with your QR codes on them around your city. It's hard to miss these large, colorful signs. This promotion is low cost, and can really make a difference in the number of store visits you get over time.

Stickers & LABELS 📝

When you're marketing your business with custom stickers or labels, it's important to get the QR code right. This will be the first impression your customers have of your business, so making sure it's professional looking is always a good idea!



The cards have a QR code on them which, when scanned with an iPhone or Android mobile device, takes the user to a site. We chose to use the QR code format because it is more descriptive than a phone number, and it can help establish a mental association between the user name and the URL.

sidewalk signs🌍

One of the most exciting ways to use QR codes is on signboards in public spaces and areas throughout the city. The most interesting and high-impact method of using QR codes is on the side of large buildings. When you walk by one of these signs, don't just look at it and forget about it!


A company could create a poster with a QR code which when scanned with a smartphone, would redirect them to the company's social media pages. This would allow them to connect with its consumers directly through QR codes without forcing them to go to the company's website.

Have more questions about the QR codes generator?

The first thing you have to determine is what type of information do you want your QR code to share with people. Then use a QR code generator site like Kleap. Select the appropriate type of QR Code based on the content you want to share – whether that’s a website URL or an SMS message, for example. Next, input the web address (URL) or other information asked for in the generator. Finally, decide on how you wish your QR codes to look by selecting from various design options specific to your brand.

Keep in mind that QR codes are no more than simple image files, so you can download them just like any other visual to your mobile device or computer. You can choose from different formats as long as QR codes decoding is possible. 

The QR code generator is free and required no signup, especially if you choose Kleap for generating your own.. If you have to pay for a QR code generator, maybe the platform offers something a little different. Maybe it has extra features such as creating a dynamic QR Code. Anyway, Kleap QR code generator allows you to create a professional QR Code for your business. It’s totally worth checking out.

There are many QR code generators to choose from. The best one for your specific needs is the one that you feel most comfortable using and fits your needs. If you think design matters, then choose a QR code generator that allows you to customize your QR Code. Kleap QR Code Generator is a good example.

It is a very specialized, the best QR code generator and it’s made to work with a variety of different devices so that you can be sure that whatever information you’re viewing will always be passed through accurately. It’s a customizable program that allows businesses to reach out to clients, friends, family members, or even strangers! All entrepreneurs who have worked on Kleap confirmed its efficiency.

As usual, you can use the best QR codes generator to create your own QR codes. The one in Kleap is free and it allows you to create your own customized QR code so that your brand has a more personalized feel to it. You can easily change the design yourself depending on your preferences.

Google Code Generator is an online website which allows its users to generate codes. The application can be downloaded using Chrome and used offline, but there are some limitations involved. While Kleap’s plugins enable the creation of custom codes, Google Code Generator is not the same. As for it, Kleap QR is a free QR Code Generator.

No matter what type of business you’re in, a QR code is relevant and valuable. QR codes have become ubiquitous, literally popping up on every solid surface. You see them on billboards and busy street corners, ads in magazines and even flyers for businesses in malls or shopping plazas. This technology is so popular that it’s a staple in advertising campaigns for any industry large or small now. 

QR codes are like hyperlinks in printed material (flyers, business card…). They can be utilized by businesses to connect with their target audience or potential customers and help spread the word about the products and services they have to offer. Just include a unique QR Code that users can scan with their smartphones on the product. Maybe on a menu if you own a restaurant.

With the Kleap QR code generator the number of QR code versions and types is unlimited. The potential combinations are even virtually endless. There are certain specifications when constructing your QR code that will be similar for all codes, yet within these parameters you can customize with modules and data codes to fit your own unique needs.

You can modify the design of a classic QR Code by adding an image and alternative styles. All you just have to do is manipulate the QR Code generator correctly (color, size, add an image…). But it is crucial for you to test your final version of the new QR code to make sure that it functions properly too.

QR codes may be prone to errors. This happens for a couple of reasons; either because the image is too complex or because the QR code isn’t designed correctly. When designing your QRCode make sure it isn’t overloaded with unnecessary information and that it has enough of a visible white space so that there’s no confusion when the reader scans it with the app on his device.  All this can be avoided if you simply test your QR code to ensure all its data gets decoded correctly before publishing the code.

There are a lot of companies that try to charge a fee to create a barcode or QR code for you. Don’t be fooled!

You don’t need to pay anyone to create QR codes for you with Kleap.

The good news is that creating your own QR codes is easy. With the help of free tools, you can create a QR code for free and then track how your marketing campaign is working.

The best part about this method is that you can actually create QR codes for free!

Our free QR code generators are great because they are easy to use and don’t require any special skills or training. Plus, you can generate a QR code for free.

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Try Kleap free. No account and no credit card are required.