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Why you should create a QR code for your E-mail

Most marketers recognize e-mails as an imperative way for brand marketing.


QR codes are malleable multimedia that can be used in emails to draw attention while at the same time adding value to your message. Through their ability to be customized and linked through specific content, they can help small businesses increase engagement amongst existing contacts or aim to build a database of subscribers. Furthermore, they are affordable and versatile as they can be implemented in all types of digital communication channels by leveraging the technology behind them and tailoring your data collection approach.


Best of all, our E-mail QR code generator is completely free for you to use plus it never expires! 


With our free generator, you’ll be able to share information through e-mail about your new blog, upcoming events, new products, and/or services to your customers and clients

What Are The Benefits Of Using A QR Code For Your E-mails?

Utilizing QRs to Establish New Consumer Touch Points

Traditionally, email marketing for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses such as retail stores is more concerned with driving in-store sales. However, with the rise of mobile devices and all the consumers who are switching from desktop to mobile, many marketers are looking for ways to bridge the gap between building a brand on both desktop and mobile channels. There’s been an explosion in consumer buying through their smartphones over the past few years, due to a perfect storm of technological advances that make mobile shopping possible and predictable.


These opportunities are creating new challenges and raising important questions: What does it mean for small business owners who rely on email marketing to get their messages out there? How can they adapt so that their message is heard above the noise?

QR Codes & Mobile Marketing Made Easy

Having comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy is important for any business to reach out to its target audience on all fronts. But mobile strategies have become increasingly important because, according to recent studies, more people use their phones to go online rather than their computers, as smartphones have become much more robust with apps and other technologies. To take advantage of this growing trend, businesses must create a full-fledged mobile program in addition to a standard one that includes QRC or QR codes within it to reach out directly to customers and attract them with incentives or deals.


For starters there is a variety of free QR Code generators that is easy to use: simply drop by the text, URL, content, or action to be performed, copy and paste the QR code and attach it to the email, newsletter, or load it onto a mobile site.

How do I create an E-mail QR Code?

  1. Enter the e-mail of the recipient, the subject of the e-mail, and the message.
  2. Add a frame around the QR code and change the colors to make it stand out.
  3. Finally, download your free custom QR Code!

How to use QR codes in E-mail

Building an E-mail List with QR Codes

Given the scenario that you are holding an amazing event to create brand awareness for your company, people went to your stall and they are very interested in what you will say.


What will be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of it? Will you let this be a one-day event and let this huge group of people pass and just forget about you, or do you gather their data to try and turn them into valuable customers for your business?


You can give out forms to collect data from people interested in your business which will require someone to collect, keep safe the forms, and then manually encode the data into the system – that will require so much time and resources.


QR codes could be a perfect solution in these cases because customers can just scan the code with their mobile device, enter their information, and voilà! You have all their information directly in your system.

Why is adding a QR Code in your E-mails so powerful?

Adding QR Codes to emails can help to increase email engagement rates. The longer your emails can manage in keeping your customers engaged, the more they feel like being a part of your brand, which can lead to brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is something every business owner strives for. You want the users to feel like they are truly a vital part of your brand and not just some person who may or may not be reading via their mail subscriptions getting nothing in return.


Moreover, customers like to be able to provide their input when it comes to deciding how your brand can better serve them. Part of creating a positive experience for customers is making them feel like their input means something and creating opportunities for this sense of ownership by having meaningful conversations with every customer can help you get a better idea of what they’re interested in seeing from your brand—that’s just good business!


Here are some examples of QR Codes that you can include in your emails to drive crucial business outcomes –


  1. App download QR Code – Add an extra layer of convenience to your app marketing strategy by using a single QR Code, which can be shared to all relevant app stores (App Store, Google Play Store, etc.) depending on the user’s mobile OS! This makes posting on social media or sending out emails an easy way to get people to download your app that much easier.
  2. Location QR Code – Easily share your physical location when you’re ready to meet up with someone who uses maps from Google, Apple, or Waze.
  3. vCard QR Codes – Stay up to date wherever you are – share all of your contact details in one place that can be saved on a smartphone with just a single click.

Other use of QR Codes in your E-mails

Besides helping you build an email list of potential customers, QR Codes can also be used to make your emails more visually-appealing while helping to keep your subscribers and customers engaged.


  1. QR Codes for discount coupons

The best way to engage your subscriber base and encourage more shopping is to give them a reason to scan. And the best way to offer them a reason to scan is by offering them an irresistible coupon. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it does have to be enough of an incentive for customers so that they’re willing and able to use your code when trying out your Internet store.


  1. QR Codes as entrance stub or ticket for events

Incorporating QR codes within event invite or ticket confirmation emails makes it easier for users to gain entry to the event without much hassle by simply scanning the QR code. The added security of a simple scan is convenient for users and can be significantly advantageous for organizers who need to keep track of new arrivals at each event they host.


  1. QR Codes as mobile boarding pass at airports

Designing the template for an email using QR codes and possible barcodes can be easy to use, especially if it’s something you’re going to send repeatedly. People who travel on airplanes will especially benefit from having a mobile boarding pass facilitate your trip through the airport. Airline businesses will seem more comfortable and reassuring when a boarding pass is presented to the attendant who scans it in comparison to having one written down by hand.

Where should I put the QR Codes in my E-mail?

Digital signature


vCard QR codes can be used as digital signatures on your email. This way, when you’re sending a business email that contains important details or information about your products and services, you can use the QR code in your signature to help the reader scan important contact details almost instantly.


The main body


Like digital signatures, QR codes are a way of saving contact details or linking a user to some external resource. You can use either the virtual barcode in the main body of your message or include it on an image like you would a digital signature. Whichever method you use, be sure that the information is relevant and useful to the reader – save their time in some way so they come back for more!

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Use QR codes to launch your online menu with photo or videos. Add covid information, explain the story behind your place, add videos, future events, offer discounts, or even exclusive content.

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All your links in one page

With Kleap, you can lead your customers to all of important links in your website, for example: the story of your establishment, information on covids, allergies and the composition of the dishes. 

Where can you place the QR Codes?

Flyers 🤝🏻

Add a contact form and let your user send you message and order.


Build up a free page per account and use all of Kleap's core features – for free!

Stickers&LABELS 📝

Make multiple pages and link the pages together.


Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.


Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.

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Use any custom domains you own. Full SSL support (via Let's Encrypt).


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Landing pages and online menus: opportunities to digital​

Create a visbility online:

  • You’ll have your own domain
  • Your website take advantages of SEO-ready
  • You’ll have Google My Business
  • Your landing pages can be use as instagram bio link
  • QR Code for restaurant
  • Menu for restaurant

Manage online menu yourself​

You can see which link is clicked the most and then, what strategies (or meal) work best. You’ll see that your efforts have worked!

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Access to different links including online menu

Give what your customers need: the rapidity. Thanks to the landing pages, they can swap content on the fly and access to the :

  • online menu for restaurant
  • promo
  • announcements

Improve your brand by adding Menu restaurant QR Code

Time is remote. With Kleap you’re able to build and edit your website from anywhere. The Kleap editor works on mobile and desktop. You are now limitless!
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Manage your online menu and landing pages easily​

You save time by managing your online menu for restaurant and landing page. At the same time, you’ll:
  • increase your in-store and online sales
  • give a good guest experience to customers
  • save money

What you benefit from Kleap

  • Encourage safe and contactless dining. Perfect for on-premise dining and to-go orders too!
  • encourage the customers to call and place direct orders. Don’t forget the button order now in your menu.
  • allow the customers to pay directly from the online menu.

Insert QR Code in your Menus​

By creating the landing page of your restaurant with Kleap.co, you’ll have a QR Code tool that allows you to create freely QR Codes for your restaurant.


  • QR Code to all of the important links in your website
  • Printable QR Code
  • Updating
  • Manage of the QR codes

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