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Express your unique perspective on art, its forms, and its power to provoke visceral reactions with a website that transcend the ideas of your work as a collective experience, rather than a simple exhibition




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The steps to Build an Artist Website

Step 1:
Define Your Goals

The first step is to identify what you want from your website. Do you want to showcase your work, sell your art, create a blog to engage with fans, or do you want to do all of these things? Having clear goals will help guide the design and functionality of your website.

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Step 2:
Optimize your artwork images

Make sure images load quickly and are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. This usually involves reducing the file size of your images. Do it without compromising their quality but remember, you are creating your website for a primer reason; be known. Your website is not your art, it is the reflection of your journey through life so your images should be more than simple pictures of your work, they should put it in great value in space and reflect what the people should feel when they see it in real. 

Step 3:
Write transcending content about your philosophy

Creating content that transcends ordinary ideas and conventions is very important. An artist is more than talent on the field. On the web you need to take your visitors into your mind and world, make them sense why you are a person of great interest. This content can be for exemple anthropologic or philosophic, it requires deep reflection and a keen understanding of your beliefs and values. It is very important to show that your activity is well though and serious so your value to the eyes of the world will grow.

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Step 4:
invite for Interaction

As an artist you might organize exhibitions from time to time. This is a perfect exemple of a very efficient way to generate leads and contacts. Create content that advert the activities you organise before and inform about what comes next. It will generate interest.

Step 5:
Final Welcome and Mantra

The introduction ends with a reiteration of the welcome, and a statement of the artist’s belief that art should be lived and felt, not just observed. This leaves the reader with a lasting impression of the artist’s passion for their work.

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Made for Mobile

Kleap is Mobile friendly website that you can easily access within your pockets. So, create and enjoy the best website and its content even on your mobile phones as well. This feature of mobile friendly website is very crucial as now people are more mobile oriented as they can carry it wherever they want.

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Along with being the mobile friendly the Kleap is also friendly for other screens and windows as well. Therefore, it is said be the best website builder today. In order to provide the best user interface and experience it creates the website that are also all screen fit. The functionality of the website only depends on the good hardware of system plus a high coverage internet channel.

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Images and videos

The Kleap is the greatest as related pictures or videos to your website are somewhere incorporated in its system to be automatically added in the content of your website. Like if you want to build an Artist website then it can help you to upload the related pictures.

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Clear and simple navigation

The navigation design of this website is very simple for the user and clear. Kleap provides the best guideline to their potential or new users for better website creation. This app is extremely easy to use so even if you don’t know anything about designing or website creation this can help you.  This app makes your website work more efficient and easy.

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If you are looking for unique and stylish website for your art, then Kleap templates are the best Way to create attractive and professional website for you. This web based designer app creates the best appealing visuals for your websites with its unique themes and templates.

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More than 10 content types

As the point shows that Kleap provides its designers with the 10 or more content types for the content creation for your website. This feature of Kleap make it the greatest website builder for the designers.

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The Kleap create the speed ultra-fast optimized website for the designers. That means the website created with the Kleap allows smooth opening or loading and browsing of your website. This feature of the Kleap will help you gain bonus points.

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Contact forms

The Kleap is the best designer app that can build a great contact form for your art website in order to connect you with your visitors. This step is very important for your customers’ inquires and Kleap makes it easier for you.

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SEO and search optimized

Kleap is the greatest because it is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) and make work much easier for the designers even if they are a newbie. Kleap also helps the designers to make their website Search Engine Optimized based. The SEO-based content created by the Kleap is meta titles, meta tags, proper structure, descriptive URL, and also Related keywords. This SEO strategy overall helps the website with more visibility or presence online.

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It is quite easy for you to build the website with the AL language model that is incorporated in Kleap in order to help you in creating the best website. Kleap has designed a unique and desirable template that can make your creative website highly professional. It will help you to customize your internet site with your unique fashion and preferences. In order to build your own website, you just have to provide the easy information that is associated to your website or corporation in that template.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily build an artist website on Kleap for absolutely free.  Kleap is the best web based tool or builder to create your whole website perfectly.

Every professionnal need website so does artists. The websites helps to connect perfectly with its community and also provide valuable information about the exhibitions.

Yes, you can easily integrate the online sell feature and make money from your website.

Final Words

As you know we have provided complete guide to build an artist website: 5 simple steps and you can do it through our website which provide web based online tool Kleap in order to build a full fledge Artist website. So, use this web designing app and build a great art oriented and passionate audience. Stay tuned for more articles and guides like this.