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Promote your business even during the COVID crisis 🔥

by using QR Codes for Virtual Tours,

Property Listings,

Digital Contracts & more.

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The crisis brings changment: QR Codes for real estate

The real estate market is changing rapidly. People are busy and their attention span is almost nonexistent. Everyone is constantly glued to their smartphones. Everything is moving towards digital experiences.

People no longer want to physically meet and make a real estate visit.

They prefer virtual real estate tours that they can enjoy at home and instantly.

Using QR Codes for Real Estate Properties is a life saver today.

Kleap offers the flexibility the website you need to attract your target customers.


With integrations to tools like Typeform, Waitlist, Outgrow, and Memberstack, Kleap can fit seamlessly into the rest of your website stack.


Examples include…

✅ Affiliates & product reviews
✅ websites for agencies
✅ Portfolio for architects or designers
✅ Therapists and doctors
✅ Consulting & services websites

Use QR codes to launch your online menu with photo or videos. Add covid information, explain the story behind your place, add videos, future events, offer discounts, or even exclusive content.

Build your own personal website in few minutes. That’s the best way to improve your presence and reach your audience. 

💰 Mobile landing page

73% of website visitors are mobile. With its layout designed for mobile experience above all, kleap will increase your conversions on mobile and from your social networks.

📱 QR code links

Use QR codes to create experiences for your customers and connect to your digital things. Ex. links on product packaging, or in-store materials.

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You deserve to be paid for your work.

Sell digital products, physical products, or charge a recurring amount. With Kleap you can sell whatever you want.

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Provide a destination for your new customers. Create a memorable experience with for product. Greet them with a welcome video and user guides.

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Why do you need QR Codes ?

It is convenient and time saving for everyone. After the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, everything has moved to the internet and digital, including the sale of real estate. This attracts more potential buyers and makes it easier and safer for people to view real estate listings. This is not a temporary change, but a permanent one. The crisis has just accelerated things by 5 to 10 years.


QR codes have made a comeback. Long story short, they can link any digital content to the physical world. Plus, they are very easy to use with smartphones. For real estate, they are now the new hot marketing channel. They help real estate agents connect with more buyers and provide them with better content on potential listings.

contact Forms 🤝🏻

Add a contact form and let your user send you message and order.

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Build up a free page per account and use all of Kleap's core features – for free!

Multiple pages 📝

Make multiple pages and link the pages together.

embebed & html 🤓

Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.

Custom domain 🌍

Use any custom domains you own. Full SSL support (via Let's Encrypt).


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Real estate listing page​

Property signs are completely useless when they only contain text. We need to give potential customers an easier way to connect if they pass a potentially interesting property. QR codes make it easy: the potential customers just have to point their smartphone camera at the yard sign and they are connected to your online sales page in seconds.

To provide more details about the real estate

It is easier for customers to reach you via QR Codes. You’ll automatically attract more buyers.

Always add videos for real estate listings. Consider using a Youtube QR Code to show a video or playlist. Images are so generic because everyone has them, it doesn’t set you apart from the competition.

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360° Virtual Tour

You can link QR Codes to interactive virtual tours. The best part is that people can experience it all on their smartphones.

Business Card

Consider using QR Codes on your business cards and also display them in your office and on your website. That way, people always have your contact information at their fingertips.

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Meeting Organization

Try using an event QR Code to book meetings with clients and inform them of open house dates. This way, people will automatically save the events to their smartphone calendar and won’t forget them.

Property Location

A location QR Code will share with the customer a location on Google Maps. He can use it to instantly find the location of the property and get there without getting lost.

Mobile-first website builder - Kleap

Sales Contrat

Try using a PDF QR Code to share contracts with clients. You can also use it to share property information. These days, some customers have even purchased properties online without ever having physically visited them. All they need is a virtual tour and a digital contract.

QR Codes is the future of real estate

Today, everyone is looking for new tactics and methods to stay ahead of the competition. QR Codes are a great contactless solution that is working wonders in today’s world with the new social distancing measures. Almost everything can be done online, from viewing a home to signing a contract and purchasing a new home.

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How to create QR Codes for Real Estate?

  • Open the QR Code Generator.
  • Enter the address where you want to lead the customers.
  • Give the QR code some styling to make it look good.
  • Add a call to action (CTA).
  • Place it on your print materials.
  • Sit back and watch all the new buyers come in.
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