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Build a website with your mobile 

It is as easy as Instagram or Tiktok ! 🔥

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Before Kleap: Everything takes time, it’s slow, complicated, need to adjust the design on mobile, need updates, plugins to add, bugs, need to optimize speed, it doesn’t rank in search, you need help…


After Kleap: Everything is simple and easy, drag and drop your contents, edit what you see, your website is made for mobile-first, is optimized automatically for speed and ranking and you don’t need anyone.

The power to make websites for every use-case

Kleap offers the flexibility the website you need to attract your target customers.


With integrations to tools like Typeform, Waitlist, Outgrow, and Memberstack, Kleap can fit seamlessly into the rest of your website stack.


Examples include…

✅ Affiliates & product reviews
✅ websites for agencies
✅ Portfolio for architects or designers
✅ Therapists and doctors
✅ Consulting & services websites

Use QR codes to launch your online menu with photo or videos. Add covid information, explain the story behind your place, add videos, future events, offer discounts, or even exclusive content.

Build your own personal website in few minutes. That’s the best way to improve your presence and reach your audience. 

💰 Mobile landing page

73% of website visitors are mobile. With its layout designed for mobile experience above all, kleap will increase your conversions on mobile and from your social networks.

📱 QR code links

Use QR codes to create experiences for your customers and connect to your digital things. Ex. links on product packaging, or in-store materials.

🥳 Sell your products

You deserve to be paid for your work.

Sell digital products, physical products, or charge a recurring amount. With Kleap you can sell whatever you want.

Link to all your content from your social bio. Turn your followers and fans into engaged customers, boost your traffic to all your content and drive more organic sales.

Provide a destination for your new customers. Create a memorable experience with for product. Greet them with a welcome video and user guides.

Everything you need to build a beautiful website from your mobile phone

Kleap is the first website builder to run entirely on your mobile.
Choose to build your on mobile or on your desktop.
With kleap you are the master of your website.

“I created a Kleap website for my social visitors. It has had a profound impact on the duration of visits to my site. It is far more suitable for mobile, modern, user-friendly, interactive, and multifaceted than any other website builder. I also love the price. It's so affordable for small businesses! I love the clean interface. I love that I can do everything on my phone.”

We built Kleap for creators like you

Onlines pages are the backbones, the image, and the sales machine of businesses. They attract customers, build connections with your customers, and represent the founder.

But after speaking to hundreds of entrepreneurs, we observed them struggle with online page, try to add new page on a wordpress blog, a desktop site mobile-friendly, stitch together subpar solutions, and wrestle with website builders that went stale.

So, we built Kleap: an online page builder that lets you build modern mobile-first content for pretty much everything in record time and from anywhere with your mobile #workinremote.

Start a business is hard. Building a website shouldn’t.
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Eliott Dupuy
CEO - Founder
contact Forms 🤝🏻

Add a contact form and let your user send you message and order.

Free 😍

Build up a free page per account and use all of Kleap's core features – for free!

Multiple pages 📝

Make multiple pages and link the pages together.

embebed & html 🤓

Embed your own custom code and widgets from third-party services like Stripe.

Custom domain 🌍

Use any custom domains you own. Full SSL support (via Let's Encrypt).


Kleap only tracks bugs and issues
On your websites, it's your traffic your data.

Template Choice Kleap

Kleap saves days on site building

Kleap is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient way to build page online. Choose from hundreds of pre-built templates.

Engage more on mobile
& social media

Visitors come from a mobile. The elements and structure of Kleap help to increase your mobile conversions, increase the interaction of your visitors and the loading speed is optimized.
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Kleap website builder

Be proud of your website & stand out from the crowd

Your page, your branding and your data. 


Choose your own colors, customize everything, add a custom domain. It has never been so easy 🎈 

Build and edit from anywhere

Time is remote. With Kleap you’re able to build and edit your website from anywhere. The Kleap editor works on mobile and desktop. You are now limitless!
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Easily connects with the tools you already use

Integrate your community right into your website, product, online course, or membership experience. Automate flows across your creator stack with our integrations.

Save Big with Kleap

Stop paying thousands of dollars per year for other solutions

switch to Kleap and save up.
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$29 for 1 website, or
$299 for 25 websites


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Wix: $250/year for 1 website

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Siteground hosting: $150/year for basic

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Infomaniak hosting: $130/year for basic

Squarespace Logo mobile website builder - Kleap

Squarespace: $280/year for 1 website

png clipart wordpress web development content management system blog logo wordpress blue web design mobile website builder - Kleap

WordPress: $96/year for 1 website

The best way to understand
Kleap is to try it!

It only take 26 seconds to understand

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