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Getting started with Kleap πŸ€“ 🏁

Hey kleaper ! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to our family ❀️
In these section we are going to help you make your firsts steps with Kleap

Here are some quick tips tutorial videos about Kleap basics

How to create a menu in Kleap πŸš€ PARTS 1 TO 4

βš™οΈ Connect Your Custom Domain with Ease | Kleap Tutorial βš™οΈ###

1 Even if you have not yet an account, you can create something right away. In Kleap's homepage, click on the get started for free button.

You'll find yourself in the onboarding:

Steps 1 & 2 will ask you in which context you will be using Kleap and the purpose of the website you are about to create. Do not worry if your answers are not accurate at this moment, it will be possible for you to modify your result afterwards.

Step 3 of the onboarding asks you the name of your business or your name if you are a personal page.

Step 4 is the part you are offered to describe your activity. The more explicit you are, the best result you will get. Feel free to upload a picture, a logo and your social network links before push the "next" button.

Once you see this animation, your website is being build automatically with AI.
This step can last for a minute

Once you see a windows congratulating you for your waiting, it means your website is now ready to be customized/corrected or published as it is.

We can't wait to see your first website. Share it with us in the facebook group.

πŸ”—Link to the group:

Still, have questions?

⚑️Use the search bar in the support page to find your answer πŸ’‘

⚑️If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the Kleap chat ❀️

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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