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How to use Kleap

once you created an account and have a website, you might want to use your creativity and smartness to create something unique and recognizable.

This page is for you !

In this section of the tutorial I'm going to show you some of the needy greedy details in the features that can make your experience more intense and fun.


select your text to display the text config bubble, you can for exemple instruct the AI to make your title better

On the same bubble it is possible to change the text color

If you click on the titles option you have the possibility to change the size of your titles by order of importance.

Note: Hi, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 are for the SEO to work better, ideally you should have only one big H1 title that contains the most relevant words for a google research. H2, H3 and others are from most relevant to informative so the smartest you write, the best results you'll get 😎

On mobile phone: to change the settings of the titles, click on the settings on top right of the screen ( small hand on the illustration )
On desktop, settings are displayed on the right of the screen. ( small hand )

By clicking on the titles, you can apply different fonts, colors and styles to your titles.


Once you are done with titles customization, you can add any other block you want by pushing the + button

It will open a pannel where you'll see all the blocks you can use


Your + button might show you locked blocks, if this happens:

make sure you are a creator plan by checking your billing and plan, make sure creator plan is active

To create a button

Select link in the + block and fill the informations before push create

A new link as appeared at the end of your page

By selecting this button you can access its settings.
On the mobile phone, you have the setting options on the bottom of the screen. It's called config.
On the desktop verison, you'll find those settings in the drawer on the right side of your screen

This pannel allows you to change the design, font, size, colors, border of the button/link

You can set your preference as default style. This option will change all the links of your website to the same style automatically.

By grabbing the handles on the right side of the selected block, you can drag and drop it anywhere on your page

By dragging and dropping the for exemple_ illustrated button block_ to the top you can see how to reorder your website on the same principle with other blocks


On Kleap, when you double click anywhere in your page, it will create a text block: The bubble text windows will appear

Push the + in the bubble windows to add a new block in position

Doing the same procedure, it will create you the same botton block but instead of having it created at the bottom of the page, it will be created right where you wanted it


Go to the + and select a new menu

You will see a new panneal with menu options

You can add menu links to your menu by clicking on add new menu items

The menu name is the name everybody will see on your page when the consult your website
In the menu URL you can select a page ( see how to create a new page below )
You can choose to add a custom URL too

Push the Add button to validate your actions

Then push create to make your menu appear on the top of your page

You can get a preview of the menu's drawer by clicking on the burger icon
Click anywhere else on the menu to access the menu settings

In the menu settings you have access to customization


To add a new page simply click on the + button on the left side of your screen. If you are on mobile phone, you'll need to select menu first in order to access the menu drawer.

A new page appears, you can apply it a tmeplate or use the AI to create something amazing

Dont forget to publish the pages you create to be able to add them into your menu

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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