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How can I name my website?

➡️ The name of your site will be the name that will appear in search engines. For example, for us, it is Kleap 👹

So, this choice depends on you and on your activity.

To change the website name simply go to "menu" if you are on mobile phone otherwise simply click on site settings

Then if you are on mobile click on Global and your website URL is the one below the website title. If you are on desktop its the same, your website's URL is below your website name. It means you can name your website to your own convenience and publish it under any URL name you wish.

By this step, it is necessary to click on the save button to validate your actions

If you have a custom domain name, you can easily link your custom domain to any Kleap website you want. To do so go back into the menu, go to custom domain and fill your custom domain name into the required field. This procedure needs to be validated by pushing the button Add.

The procedure is automatic and a green light will inform you of the success of it. If the procedure fails to connect and shows a red signal, it means it requires an action from you: follow the help instructions that appears and you will be fine.

The custom domain name is only working with the creator plan. Once you are done with the 14 days free trial, be aware to the possibility that your website might look like this:

Make sure to subscribe during the 14 days trial to avoid any loss in your amazing web experience

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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