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How to change text fonts and colors

Changing text fonts and color

By going to site settings, you will find text options

First you see a choice to "apply as global design"
It means you can decide wether your want to apply your choices to all your pages or just the one you are working

The first text setting is the regular text option, it concerns the corp text in your website.
The following settings are for titles

Title H1 is the biggest title of your website and it goes down in sizes until H6 which is the smallest one.

Be aware that the most organise you are with the titles, the most benefits your SEO will get from research engines such as Google. For instance a website ususally has one H1 Title, a few H2 for important things and so on. Research engines like google will read your titles by order of importance and relevance. The most relevant and logic aou are with your titles, the best SEO you will have

To change text settings, you can simply click on the desired size and you will see options of colors fonts and sizes. Feel free to set everything according to your needs and tastes.

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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