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How to edit text blocks

How to Edit text bloc

To edit text in Kleap, simply select the desired text to make the editing bubble appear.

Get familiar with AI, it allows you to rewrite text and generate content easily

Select parts of the text you want to highlight with a unique color

What is what ?

AI tool | your friendly AI robot

[ + ] button is there for you to be able to add any block you want in position. Its a shortcut to the standard "add block" button

Select the type of text you want, regular text or titles H1 to H6. This action will modify the entirety of the block text

Select a different font

Add a link on the selected text | Make it BOLD | Italic | barred

Show code

Change the color of the selected text

change the alignment of the paragraph's block text

Create a bullet list, numbered list

Transform the text into a citation

Undo | Redo

Delete the text block

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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