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How to PUBLISH my website

Publishing a website for your first time

Before you can publish your website for your first time you will be asked to create an accourt. To do so hit the publish button

A new windows appears where you can fill your informations, complete the necessary fields and hit the subscribe button as follow

You are now one step away to be able to share your brand new website with the world: choose a and hit the publish button again. If you do not wish to publish your work right away, feel free to select the option save a draft to continue editing.

🚨 If you have or want a custom domain, do not worry you can add the domain of your choice later with the creator plan.

You now have the option to try the full version of Kleap for 14 days

Publish a website

To let the World discover your business you can push the button "publish" !

A popup windows will appear to display a success message. The area in the green is URL of your freshly published page | COPY if you need to copy your freshly new website somewhere | Well this icon opens the page you freshly published in a new tab so you can consult what you did immediatly

If you do not want your work to be seen you can unpublish it: on the mobile phone the unpublish button is at the same place than the publish button.
On the desktop to access the unpublish button push on the live sign to see the URL | copy and "open in windows" sign. Below it you ll find the unpublish button

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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